The one and only PipedOg’s

Official Pipedog get it here,  authored by the creator and artist that solves the glass pipe issue. 

Tap the ashes with out breaking

Handles with just one hand


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Pipe.Dog every dog needs a bone





Pipe Dog

The Original Pipe.Dog

Was created for the ultimate solution

for break time


Casual as life is,  Pipe.Dog does not break upon dropping.

Pipe.Dog,    was created for the right time.

Its long lasting durable materials are hand crafted

into the perfect fit for the right time.


Parts per million,  PPM is bad for health.

(Save the paper)

This is why Pipe.Dog was invented.

It has the aesthetics of jewlery

and is a very well crafted and designed


Comfortable and styled for his/hers perfect fit.

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the Original Pipe.Dog




Pipe.Dog is the last one you will need